Terms and Conditions

Want to submit your illustration to be included in the new edition of "A Taste of Chaucer"? Great! Here's how it works:

  1. Images must be high-quality. Blurry or incomplete images will be rejected. For best results, scan your image into your computer, instead of taking a picture of it with a camera.
  2. Images must be black and white line drawings (though shading is allowed). The reason for this is that most e-readers only display things in black and white, and we want your images to look great in the book.
  3. The images must be relevant. Check out our "Images we Need" page to see what we're looking for.
  4. The images must be drawn by school-age children (18 or under).
  5. You will not receive monetary compensation for your image. However, if your image is included in the book, you will receive a free copy in either mobi (Kindle) or ePub format.
  6. Images must not depict hateful, profane, inappropriate or otherwise offensive material, or anything that could be interpreted as such.
  7. By submitting your image, you give us permission to use it in the new edition of "A Taste of Chaucer". You will be credited by only your initials to ensure your privacy, and the copyright of the image will belong to the book.
  8. If you're submitting your image for consideration to be the cover image, there are one or two things to keep in mind. Unlike the other images, the cover CAN be in colour (though it should look good in black and white as well). Your image must be very high quality and should be over 1000 pixels wide. It should be at least one-and-a-half times as tall as it is wide. You should not put any text on your image -- you are submitting just the IMAGE, not the full cover. If your image is chosen for the cover, you will be credited on the book's title page, rather than on the actual cover.

Here's an example of how your image might look in the book:
If you're happy with all this, then head on over to our submissions page to submit your image!

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